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Nasuka passed out fliers of Aki-Fes (Akihabara Festival) 2015 spring to passersby at Akihabara.

Photo by MaKO
Korone Tenohara, Nasuka and Mitsuba Akitsu appeared in front of Takarada Musen shop nearby Akihabara staion. Korone and Mitsuba are mascot of Akihabara Omotenashi project. They passed out fliers to passersby and shoot photos with them. They were moving to the next shop. hey now!
sofmap main shop They moved to the next shop again. taking photo with Onoden's shop staff passing out fliers They were surrounded by many chinese shoppers.
They moved to LAOX. The storefront was crowded with many chinese shoppers. They were going back to Takarada Musen shop. They passed fliers until finish time. Good job today!

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