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Hajisai festival is annual shrine ritual taken place at Washinomiya shrine.
I've participated as Tsukasa from Lucky Star from 2 years ago.
This time, I did as Shokaku from Kantai collection and Nasuka as a guidle(guide + idle) of AKIBALAND TOURS.

Photo by Mako san and gerorine san.
Shokaku and Zuiou started patrol!! Flying aircraft carrier??
Yukikaze (dragon form) from "From the future undying"
Shokaku punch! Oh, no! with Yukikaze
signboard of Kagami and Tsukasa Can you see me? The festival did not start yet so the approach to the shrine was not crowded. Many portable shrine carriers wanted to shoot photos with Shokaku and Zuikaku. wooden votive tablets painted Lucky Star characters
Sen-gan portable shrine.
Sen-gan means thousand kan(=3.75Kg) weight.
Many portable shrine carriers were peraring to star in the shrine. Lucky Star portable shrine was ready. We met famous ota-gei performer, Domu Narita (We had met him at Nico nico chokaigi). He remembered me! I felt happy! Ita Jeep led parade of the portable shrine.
The portable shrine parade started! Many children enjoyed the festival too. Admiral! Tra-san Mission accomplished.
Next Nasuka as a guidle of AKIBALAND TOURS appeared. Today's guest was Nyaruko san. Nasuka guided Nyaruko san to Hajisai festival. Main torii gate In this large hanging, Konata wore Yukikaze costume and Yukikaze did Konata's.
Nasuka was guiding in the shrine. Ranka Lee cosplayer was a frined of mine. They came back to shopping street. They met Shigure from Kan-kore. We wished Domu Narita performed Ota-gei on the float.
Kagamin! There were another kigurumi girls. Now it's time to be back to the dressing room because of rain. They dropped on to Monzen-hanten which is famous for chinese restaurant decorated by Lucky Star characters. They quite enjoyed Hajisai festival just like this.

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