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An event named Cool Japan in Saitama Super Arena was hold Jan. 10, 2015.
Seven kigurumi girls joined at the event and greeted visitors.

Photo by NOCHI, MaKO, Tsubasa283 and Port.
Kagami and Tsukasa appeared at Saitama Super Arena! There were many anime, eating, fashion and japanese traditional craft boothes in the site. Hiiragi sisters were invited as a representative of Saitama pref! Asuka, Erica Fontaine, Yui, Suzu and Adel were joined to help ensure that the event would be a success.
Hiiragi sisters started to walk around the site. Staff of Yume moe Store wore Mue's costume. Kagami and Tsukasa played with a child at Green fingers booth. Cakes in the shape of "Nuu chan" who was one of the mascots of Saitama city were sold at the booth. The staffs of the booth gave the cakes to the sisters. They were very delicious!
Female wrestlers belonging to WAVE & DDT were so cute but they were strong. They were stopped by many children here and there. with a mascot... I can't find its name, sorry! A racing car owned by female racing team KYOSHO JKB86 was displayed. The hall was so crowded that kigurumi girls were very busy to greet guests.
A cosplay show started on the stage. Kigurumi girls was watching the show from the side of the stage. A video letter from American kigurumi girls were shown on a large screen display. At last all cosplayers and kigurumi girls gathered on the stage. Good job, today!
and to be continued tomorrow.

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