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The next day of The Yokohama parade, subculture event Yokohama Kawaii park was held and manhy cosplayers attended.

Photos by Tsubasa 283 san, Yama san and H.N san
Kigurumi girls shot a group photo when they just left the dressing room. Because of the wind, Shokaku did not have the flight deck on her arm. Now we will introduce famouse spots in Yamashita park. Statue of the Girl in the Red Shoes Hikawamaru
Yokohama bay bridge There are many prople crowded.
What's happening?
kigurumi girls appeared on the stage!
After famouse cosplayers'performances, most cosplayers in the park were gathered. Shokaku attracted the attention of audience.
After the stage, they met Akari near Hikawamaru. A passenger ferry rid at anchor at Osanbashi(large landing bridge) Yokohama international passenger terminal. double peace! OK, Exit stage right. Iced lolly is delicious after cosplay event!

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