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Dec.26, 2013
Opened 2013/11/23 Chiba Dairy village report page.
Finished Xmas version.
Dec.23, 2013
Opened 2013/11/23 Chiba Dairy village page.
Dec.21, 2013
Opened 2013/11/17 Neru Haku birthday party page.
Dec.21, 2013
Opened 2013/11/9 Nerima Anime Carnival page.
Dec.16, 2013
Opened 2013/10/19 Anitama cosplay train page.
Dec.12, 2013
Opened 2013/10/13 Nakano Nigiwai Festa page.
Dec.8, 2013
Visited Gumma flower park. flash photos -> 4 santa girls mew... Tsukasa & Kagami
Dec.1, 2013
Photo session at Lockheart castle. flash photos -> Lockheart castle 4 kigurumi girls gathered dress trial Suiginto in white dress
Started Christmas special. Snow flakes will fall in your browser.
Nov.26, 2013
Nasuka and Do chan went Chiba Dairy village to help an autmun event. flash photos -> selling flowers rice-cake pounding walking around pasture playing with goats
Nov.21, 2013
Nov. 21 is Haku's birthday and there was Haku and Neru's birthday party. flash photos -> birthday cake many drawing of Neru and Haku on the window many cosplayers gathered two shot of Haku
Nov.15, 2013
Rei joined Nerima Anime Carnival. flash photos -> Nerima ward official Maetel (Galaxy Express 999) car with Verdy kun Xmas tree with Nyaroru-Myaroru chan
Nov.8, 2013
Opened 2013/9/23 Hakone cosplay festa page.
Oct.30, 2013
Opened 2013/9/1 Hajisai festival page.
Oct.23, 2013
Opened 2013/8/17 Rozen Maiden limousine photo session page.
Oct.19, 2013
Visited Anitama-Sai(Anime Manga Festival in Saitama). Title photo(Tsukasa and Kagami with Nagashima*Jien-otsu*Yuichiro who is famouse welterweight kickboxer and cosplayer ) and flash one -> Tokyo sky tree in Anitama train Anitama-Sai site Lucky Star Ita-sha(decorated car)
Oct.14, 2013
Visited Nakano Nigiwai Festa. Title photo and flash one were uploaded. flash photos -> Shimako and Rei in a class room with Usagohan chan EVA girls Nakano station
15th anniversary page was closed.
Oct.8, 2013
Opened 2013/8/11 Kawasaki city museum Anime Manga festival page.
Oct.5, 2013
Opened 2013/8/3 Uchimizukko gathering page.
Sep.26, 2013
Opened 2013/7/28 Wonder Festival 2013 SUMMER page.
Sep.23, 2013
Rei visited Hakone with Misato. flash reports -> japanese hot spring inn resembling something out of Ghibli movie Evangelion shop sold soft serve inspired by EVA-02 glad-handing visitors on mountain tram
Sep.20, 2013
Opened 2013/7/6 Tou"A" Manga festival page.
Sep.17, 2013
Opened 2013/6/15 After Ikebukuro west park photo session page.
Sep.14, 2013
Opened 2013/6/15 COSSAN IN Ikebukuro west park page.
Sep.11, 2013
Opened 15th anniversary page
Site design renewal
Sep.2, 2013
Visited Hajisai Festival at Washinomiya shrineWashinomiya shrine Luckey Star portable shrine The main shrine Ita-Jeep followed portable shrines.
Aug.18, 2013
Photo session with Suiginto limousine at Akihabara. (Thanks to Akiba.TV, AKIBA Drug & Cafe) flash photos->long bosy in the car AKIBA Drug & Cafe Anime type likeness
Aug.13, 2013
Visited Manga Anime Festival at Kawasaki city museum. flash photos -> kigurumi girls Neru and Haku were back to the Todoroki studium Hiiragi Kagami and Tsukasa Manga Anime Festival sign board
Aug.10, 2013
Opened Kigurumi drive page.
Jul. 30, 2013
Visited Wonder Festival 2013 summer. flash photos -> Race queen Rei with AT field! Cerberus didn't have no chance against her double race queen Rei
Jul.27, 2013
Opened JCF in Toshimaen page.
Jul.21, 2013
Opened Hakone cosplay festival page.
Jul.17, 2013
Opened visited Miku house page.
Jul.14, 2013
Opened MY-DOLL [2013 SPRING] @TOKYO page.
Jul.7, 2013
Neru and Haku attented J. League soccer games. flash photos ->entrance Decorated Rarry Car studium entrance watching football greeting to supporter
Jul.1, 2013
Opened Niconico Chokaigi 2 page.
Jun.28, 2013
Opened Kawasaki Rakudaishi Cosplay Day page.
Jun.22, 2013
Haku joined COSSAN in Ikebukuro west park with friends. flash photos -> Ikebukuro station Miku, Ren, Neru, Haku Ikebukuro west park
Jun.12, 2013
Opened Autism Day event -warm blue- page
Jun.9, 2013
Opened Hakone Cosplay Festa page
Jun.6, 2013
Opened Aafter Asakusa Hanayashiki event session page
Jun.3, 2013
Visited Toshimaen hydrangea festival. Flash photos -> Blue hydrangea Red hydrangea flowerbed near main gate admiring hydrangea
May.31, 2013
Visited Toshimaen hydrangea festival. Flash photos -> Blue hydrangea Red hydrangea flowerbed near main gate admiring hydrangea
May.19, 2013
Rei visited Hakone with Misato yesturday. flash photos -> firefly park hot springs town hydrangea bridge ice cream inspired by EVA TEST TYPE
May.9, 2013
MY-DOLL, a convention of Kigurumi was taken place last sunday. flash photos -> Here I am Haku with sake swimwear Haku with sake double Haku vocaloid kigirumi
May.4, 2013
Opened Wonder Festival 2013 winter page.
Apr.28, 2013
Haku joined Nico Nico super meeting. flash photos -> SEGA's Miku booth the Liberal Democratic Party's booth giant electric bulletin board crowded hall
Apr.21, 2013
Rei Ayanami joined Kawasaki Rakudaishi with Misato Katsuragi. flash photos -> Kawasaki Daishi temple parade De Lorean!! Race Queen Rei
Apr.14, 2013
Opened Photo session after Asakusa hanayashiki event page.
Apr.10, 2013
Opened Cosplay heaven Asakusa Hanayashiki page.
Apr.6, 2013
Rei Ayanami joined World Autism Awareness Day event at Tokyo tower. flash photos -> observation deck of Tokyo tower 1 2 3
Mar.25, 2013
Rei Ayanami visited Hakone with Misato Katsuragi. flash photos -> EVA shop Hakone Yumoto station hot springs town cherry blossoms
Mar.23, 2013
Opened Washinomiya Year crossing Cosplay page.
Mar.11, 2013
Opened Comic market 83 page.
Mar.9, 2013
Opened JCF in Toshimaen page.
Mar.2, 2013
Opened Xmas Itasha Festa 2012 page.
Feb.24, 2013
Haku visited Asakusa Hanayashiki. flash photos -> The oldest roller coaster in Japan hopping Bee tower sky ship
Feb.18, 2013
Opened 2012 winter photo session page.
Feb.15, 2013
Haku joined Wonder Festival 2013 winter. regular Haku changing into swimwear
Feb.8, 2013
Started St. Valentine's Day version. larger photo is here.
Feb.3, 2013
Opened Enoshima Cosplay Festival page
Jan.21, 2013
Opened Chiba Dairy village page
Jan.19, 2013
Momo appeared on Know vol.8, a kigurumi magazine. Buy now on iTunes!
Jan.14, 2013
Opened Tachikawa Ani Can page
Jan.9, 2013
Opened JCF in Toshimaen page
Jan.2, 2013
A happy new year!! Momo and Haku went New Year's visit to a Washinomiya shrine. It was well known as the setting for Lucky Star. flash photos -> Torii gate sacred tree paper fortune praying for peace

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