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An annual festival named Nakano Nigiwai festa was taken place in Nakano ward in Tokyo.
Haku joined last year's event, but it rained in the morning.
So we hoped the weather clears up this year.

Photo and support: Yamazaki san. Thanks a lot!
"Good morning..." Rei and Shimako in the classroom Here was an abolished school in Nakano ward. It was reused as a hub of activity for anime and manga. "Good to meet you."
They had a classroom discussion for school festival. getting up to some mischief... stairs in the school building Rei went into the schoolyard. Shimako did too.
Rei played with a stuffed catfish at a stall. Nakano station The building with a triangle roof was Nakano Sun Plaza. Nakano Sun Mall There were many anime and manga shops in Nakano Broadway Mall.
walking arround the mall They were going to Shiki no mori park, the main site of the festival. They arrive at the park. There were many people enjoying the festival. Rei was asked for advertising of a stall.
Kozue Kodama's live painting Usagohan chan. They met Kaede from Mirumo de pon! Rei changed into plugsuit for EVA and Sono in same Rei's plugsuit joined them. Shimako continuously went with Rei.
Rei rendezvoused with Asuka at Nakano station. Rei enjoyed taking photos with Asuka. Nakano fire company displayed fire-fighting vehicle and some goods. Let's rush to the rescue! Nakano station square
They were back to the school and waiting Sono. Sono changed into GUMI's costume.

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