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Nov. 21 is Haku's birthday and Nov. 1 is Nerus'.
Many vocaloid fan gathered to hold their bithday party.
CAFFEIN and Hioka who was an originator of Haku and Neru also joined.

Photo by participants. Thanks a lot!
Neru and Haku came to a restaurant to join the party. Mnay of participants draw Neru and Haku on the windows. The red one next to Haku was drawn by CAFFEIN. Two shoot with cosplayer handmade figure of Haku with flexible joint. Haku in cyberpunk costume. This is also handmade.
Birthday cake was ready! Everyone sang "Happy birthday" CAFFEIN and Hioka san blew out candles on the birthday cake. She could not eat cake yet... with a part of participants. "Happy birthday!"

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