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Haku joined cosplay event taken place at Ikebukuro west park.
This time, she went there with her friend Neru Akita.

Photo: Nerikeshi san, Jack & Edward san, Shinonome san.
Ikebukuro 3rd elementary school was used as dressing room for cosplayers. It took 700m from the dressing room to the park through residential streets. They found Miku at the convenience store on the way there. Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre located next to the park. The trial of World cosplay summit was prepared on the stage.
They came to Ikebukuro station. Tobu department store was the symbol of Ikebukuro staion west area. Haku found Neru wore hot pants under her skirt. Neru fixed Haku's ribbon. Owl was called as "fukurou" in japanese. The owls standing in front of Ikebukuro station were called as "Ikefukurou".
Neru and Haku met Asuka from Evangelion. Let's go back to the park. Haku found Ren in the park and could not stand for hugging him. Neru looked so bored. And Miku joind them in front of the stage.
Where are you going to next? They decided to stay in the park. It was difficult for photographer to take photos with fountain. A series of manicures inspired by vocaloids was sold but there were not Haku and Neru's one. Pose!
They were sorrounded by many photographers this time.
Celty Sturluson from Durarara!! Zero from Code Geass with vocaloid cosplayers! He looked interested in Kigurumi wig. He was a promising youngster. with figures in front of the theatre
Now its time to be back to the dressing room. On the way to there, they were chattering with highschool girls for a while. See ya!

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