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Hakone cosplay festa was taken place at Hakone Yumoto spa on Sep. 23, 2013 and it was the third event at Hakone for us.
This time we got on a ricksha and ran arround Hakone Yumoto.

Photo and support: J&E san. Thanks a lot!
Hakone Yumoto staion. It was a familiar place for Rei and Misato. Eva-Ya was same too. The shop sold soft serve ice inspired by EVA-02 with Hakone Tozan tram 1000 series Some passengers found Rei and Misato and waved back to them.
They were going to Tamadare fall through the souvenir-shop street as same as last. The quaint old spring inn was built 80 years before. Through the street with many spring inn, they got to Tenseien hotel. Tamadare fall located in the hotel's backyard.
Seeing the falling water, it felt cool because it was hot for late September. There were many sightseener at the fall. The entrance of Tamadare shrine was next to the fall. They were on the stairs to the shrine. Because it was the middle of three days off in a row, there were many hotel guest wearing Yukata.
There were many tame duck in the yard. A ricksha was passing. Closeup!
They got on a bus bound for Hakone Yumoto station.
Getting off th bus, there were many sightseeners at the station. Route 1 was backed up.
Going down to dry riverbed, Rei was reunited with Mitsuki(a girl next to Rei) who joined Uchimizukko gathering together. Rei met Sono wearing Rei's plugsuit and Yoko in uniform. Sono was taken photos with Rei in same Race queen costume at last Wonder festival. Now it's time to get on a ricksha! Let's go...
...we couldn't get off because we were sorrounded by many sightseeners. At last we could get away from them and the ricksha ran along Route one. We took photos in front of the spring inn again. Getting off the ricksha, a girl came close to Rei and Misato to shake hands. Going to the eiverside again, they met Mari and another Misato.
photo session time! Rei at river side Rei on the grass with Sono as Rei in uniform and Yoko as Rei in another school uniform from the last episode of TV series.

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