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Ani-tama is an abbreviation for "Anime Manga festival in Saitama".
It was taken place at Omiya ward Saitama city and a special tran for cosplayers was ran from Tokyo sky tree station to Omiya.
Many cosplayer got on the train and enjoy photo shooting in it.

Photo and support: Wappii san. Thanks a lot!
"Good morning!" Hiiragi sisters appeared at foot of Tokyo sky tree. There were not so many tourists because it was early morning. a full view of the tower In front of Tokyo sky tree station, they hold the same Japanese fan.
Anitama cosplay train would leave 10:10 am. The train came into the staion. Boarding the train, Koyomi chan came to check their tickets. Now it's time of departure. The train stopped at Kasukabe staion which was a model of the closest station to their highschool.
Many people on the platfoem wanted to take photos of Tsukasa and Kagami. A Japanese welterweight kickboxer Yuichiro * jien-otsu * Nagashima was welknown as a Cosplay fighter. He was invited as a special guest to the event. They got off the train at Omiya staion and were going to the site. They got to Omiya Sonic city hall.
Anitama festival was taken place in front of the hall. First they went and saw Itasha. They got interviewed for TV. Japan Self-Defense Forces displayed High Mobility Viecle. "Can we get in?"
"Can you drive, Kagami?" Kagami wore Japan Self-Defense Forces uniform. Tsukasa did too. There were many children at the site and they enjoyed to play with Hiiragi sisters. "Saipon kun" mascot character of Japan self defense force Saitama provincial cooperation office.
"Toro * rin" mascot of Kasukabe pan-fried noodles When Kagami and Tsukasa were taken photos with their friend Tora san... Gin san, Char and DEADPOOL joined... and NAVITIME Daddy, captain Okita and Luka joined together. Tsukasa looked tired because she had too much fun....

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