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Neru and Haku went to Todoroki ryokuchi park in Kawasaki city to assist an event named Tou"A" Manga festival.
Tou-ei is one of the most famous animation maker in japan but this event does not have any rerations with it. The event was taken place simultaneously with Kawasaki Frontale - Kashima Antlers football game. In japanese, "tou" means fighting so "tou-A" means beat "A"ntlars.
Anyway, kigurumi girls were expected to warm up the event by greeting visitors.

Photo: Dr. Okido san.
Neru and Haku joined Tou"A" Manga festival in Todoroki Ryokuchi Park. Let's go arround the park. Drawings inspired from Frontale by manga artists associated with Kawasaki ciry were displayed. Thank you. The flyer said Manga anime exhibition would be taken place at Kawasaki city museum next to the park.
Formula car was displayed. booklet of Super Formula Twin link Motegi Angels passed the booklet. Character decorated rally car of GLOOMY racing team sponsered by Neko no shippo(cat's tail). The staff said "Only girls allow to sit on the hood.", so they did.
Haku was a driver. Neru was a navigator. with Race queen of GLOOMY racing team. Toy cars of character decorated rally car were sold. What is that detonating sound?
A formula car was running on the street in the park. Many photographers took photos of the car. There were many children playing in the park. low five^-^ Cold cucumbers and tomatos were sold.
What a delicious looking pineapple!
You love it, Neru?
with the 4th generation owner of rice cracker shop Domoto Girls in maid dress sold cookies printed soccer players of Frontale. "Cosplay engokai" had a booth of experience of cosplay. ...queer hat^-^;
with Cheka(Fuji Susono The Checkerflag), character of Fuji speedway. They had an hour until the game will start, so they go to Todoroki Athletics Stadium. They got to the entrance gate. Neru and Haku welcomed Frontale fun. Many fun took photos of Neru and Haku.
They entered into the stadium 30 minutes before the start of the game. There was Ftontale Shinto shrine near the entrance. They prayed Frontale would win. If Frontale would win, they could high five with players on the side of the pitch after the game. They were waiting start of the game on their seat.
There was cosplayers' seat area on the stand. At last, the game started. Neru and Haku were absolutely delighted about Frontale's goal with an embrace. At last Frontale won and cosplayers came down to the side of the pitch. They were waiting Frontale players in a line.
Good hustle! Great effort, Fronta! Neru and Haku thanked fun for their encouragement with Frontale players. group photo of cosplayers of this day

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