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visitors since Nov.24 1998

Nerima Anime Carnival is annual event taken place at Toshimaenn every fall. Though Toshimaen is probably a cosplay event we have visited most frequently, we have never joined it.
This time we had a chance to join it in length, and enjoyed it.

Photo and support: Dr. Okido san. Thanks a lot!
Rei visited Toshimaen to join Nerima Anime Carnival. Boys from Inazuma Eleven Lance corporal Levi from Attack on Titan There was lottery in the tent of promoter. She came away with a consolation prize...
Next she tried to put a kick into the target. The ball did not pass through the target... She came away with a consolation prize again.
with Verdy kun
"Nerimaru" an official anime mascot of Nerima ward Tokyo. "El Dorado" Toshimaen 87 anniversaey mascot.
Maetel from Galaxy Express 999 itasha. This car was a Nerima ward officail electoric vehicle Kuroneko (My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute) itasha Miku itasha Nyaruko (Haiyore Nyaruko san) itasha original drawing of Galaxy express 999, Gegege no Kitarou and PrettyCure
Leaving Nerima anime carnival site, Rei was walking around the park. There were many handmade craft shop along the main street of the park. Also large flea market was hold, so the park was packed with families. playing with children photo shoot by youngman
This dog never made eye contact with Rei... interview by TV crew waving her hands to passengers on the train Returning to the site, Rei met Nyaroru myaroru chan, and Serie chan.
with Robot Detective K in restricted cosplayers zone positron rifle? no, revolver cannon for patlabor N2 bomb? no, mere ammunition box. They were prop prepared by organizer. Rei enjoyed Toshimaen event in Xmas season like this...

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