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visitors since Nov.24 1998

Rei Ayanami joined Wonder Festival 2013 SUMMER taken place at Makuhari Messe in Chiba pref.

Photo by Dr. Okido, Kyoichi, Satoken, Shishiura, Jack & Edward, tomo, Tsubasa 283, Hakase, MaKO, me2teluka and Yamazaki. Thanks a lot!
Now Rei Ayanami appeared at Wonder Festival! Race queen Rei with A.T. field pattern umbrella.
I'm afraid that few people would be interested in her, but many photographers wanted to take pictures with the umbrella opened.
Eruga chan, it has been a while. A.T. field open! with Hinaichigo from Rosen maiden. Even Kerberos(from Kerberos saga) were no match for A.T.field. with Tokyo police Special Armed Garrison
with the brave from Dragon Quest series with a cosplayer Sono in the same costume The last shot is Rei on her friend's shoulder.
See ya!

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