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I joined Hajisai festival at Washinomiya shrine to act as kigurumi Tsukasa from Lucky Star.

Photo and support: Shinra, Wappy and Lemon Sawano. Photo by Arima, Tanaka and MaKO. Thanks a lot!
Hiiragi sisters Kagami and Tsukasa appeared at hajisaifestival. At first, they took a shoot with a Jeep carring big signboard of characters related with Washinomiya town. Main torii gate and Otori chaya(resthouse where anime fan gathers) Luckey Star mikoshi portable shrine Kagami and Tsukasa were surrounded by mikoshi carriers.
They entered into the grounds of a shrine. And they were going to front shrine. They were taken photos by many people before the altar. You may see main shrine behind Hiiragi sisters. They played with many children on the way back to dressing room.
They met Ayumi and Mai Imaihama who were station masters of Imaihama station(Izukyu railway). Kagami and Tsukasa changed into highschool uniform. They bumped into Imaihama sisters again. two sisters shoot! Mikoshi followed decorated Jeep.
People on the approach were excited about mikoshi. Exchanging a high-five with mikoshi carrier There were many children on the approach and they enjoyed the festival. bye! Kagami's simple lunch box and Tsukasa's civilized one were sold at the shop.
They found wooden votive tablets with their figure. Hiiragi sisters appeared at main shrine again. with Konata They met another kigurumi Tsukasa. I wish I can join next year.

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