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visitors since Nov.24 1998

Last year, kigurumi girls visited Chiba Dairy village to help sightseeing festival but it was postpobed because of rain.
We hoped it would be fine this year...

Photo by Miwa san. Thanks a lot!
Do-chan ans Nasuka appeared at Chiba Dairy village. It was bright and clear day! They lost no time in being taken photos with small children. Nasuka helped rice-cake making. "We make rice cake using mortar and pestle." "It's heavier than I thought..."
They helped a Bingo game. "If your card have six, open it!" Do-chan and Nasuka changed into the same punk sailor dress. photoshooting with sisters "Does your baby sister want to join us?"
They helped to sell antirrhinum majus. The little girl took Nasuka to paddock by the hand. surrounded by goats Soon the goats became attached to them... Yee-ha!
at a farmer's market. capsicum and rice. green onion They came to cowhouse. Rare white cow were raised. The day passed by happily.

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