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visitors since Nov.24 1998

There was an exhibition of Anime and Manga at kawasaki city museum in the summer of 2013. Aug.11 was the day of cosplay and visitors could try to cosplay there. Kigurumi girls gathered there to support the event and passed leaflets of the event.

Photo by Dr. Ookido san. Thanks a lot!
Today's kigurumi girls. Neru, Haku, Nyaruko, Tsukasa, Ayu and Shimako. passing leaflets at the entrance of the museum. cosplay experience booth. Neru and Haku set out on passing leaflets outside even the temperature reached 35 degrees C. They were passing leaflets in front of the municipal pool.
Neru and Haku came to the place Tou"A" Manga festival was taken place. Being backto the dressing room, Hiiragi sisters (Kagami and Tsukasa ) from Lucky*Star appeared. This was their first appearance on stage. I acted as Tsukasa with short hair. There was a large signboard of this event aside of the entrance. The sisters came to the pool for passing leaflets too.
They were standing at the same place as Neru and Haku. The sisters were back to the museum. Being back to the dressing room, staff of the event gave iced lolly to kigurumi girls.

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