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visitors since Nov.24 1998

Japanese used to sprinkle water around the house in summer. This is called as Uchimizu and Uchimizu-kko means a girl sprinkling water. In Akihabawa, an event named Uchimizukko gathering has been taken place every summer and Rei ayanami joined the 10th one to support the event.

Photo by Nerikeshi san and Jack & Edward san. Thanks a lot!
Rei joined Uchimizukko gathering because the color of her uniform was associated with water. First, girls working at Maid cafe in Akihabara and other place(even in Taiwan!) sprinkled water in a line. At that time, Rei was waiting visitors with other cosplayers at the exit. Their role was handing brochure and fan to visitors. Visitors received brochure and fan from Rei.
After the event, the staff took group photos. Group photo of cosplayers at dressing room. Kanata in cool Yukata with NERV pattern supported the event with Rei. with N.E.E.T(in japanese Jitakukeibitai. It means security guards for own house.) N.E.E.T inquested on the body of a member of the Survey Corps(from Attack on Titan) with brisk efficiency.

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