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Dec.26, 2016
Nagoya port photo session flash report -> sitting behind foggy
Dec.23, 2016
xmas special version. Snowflakes fall down on your browser.
Dec.18, 2016
Tokyo Dome City Cosplayers' Paradise flash report -> Tokyo Dome! Super viking Sorafune! Buzzing bees! Sky flower!
Dec.10, 2016
Opened 2016/5/29 Kashima soccer stadium Choshi day event report page
Dec.3, 2016
Local Moe character festival in Choshi kuroshio yosakoi dance festival flash report -> Lico appeared on the stage at the first! The stage finished! Kigurumi girls encouraged yosakoi dancers. Many yosakoi dancers wanted to shot photos with them.
Nov.20, 2016
opened Tochi-tele anime festa report page.
Nov.19, 2016
Shimakaze from Kantai-collection debuted at Gyoda Oshi castle Festival. flash photos -> "A" from Show by Rock warmly watched her debut. Oshi castle festival autum leaves great popularity with visitors
Nov.5, 2016
Holloween town in Choshi flash report -> Many children entried to a cosplay contest. The prize was tomatos! Holloween decoration in the train Lico gave the prize to prize winners.
Oct.22, 2016
Anitama Festival & Moe chara Grand Prix 2016 flash report -> Ichi hime E-tan in strawberry country Enoai Zunko Tohoku
Sep.25, 2016
Opened 2016/4/28 nico nico Chokai report page.
Sep.24, 2016
2016/9/18 Choshi cosplay festival flash report -> Yukata Schoolgirl's uniform original dress
Sep.11, 2016
Opened 18th anniversary page
Sep.2, 2016
Lico from Wood village farm debuted! -> Cape Inubozaki Inubo station electric railcar with Choshi festival sign Dancing Lico on the stage of Choshi festival
Jul.31, 2016
Tateyama Umi-Machi Festival flash report -> Japan Coast Guard patrol vessel "Takataki" Takataki's bridge Maritime Self-Defense Force auxiliary multi-purpose support ship "Enshu" Fire office mascot Shota-kun
Jul.24, 2016
Wonder festival 2016 summer flash report -> Shimakaze with her lifesaver ring Akagi and Haruna joined and Bismarck joined too
Jun.12, 2016
Opened 2016/4/2 Warm blue day 2016 report page
Jun.6, 2016
2016/6/5 Ashikaga Himetama ita-sha festival flasj report -> Shokaku ita-truck! Hiei (Kantai collection) ita-bike I happened to perform as Millefeuille(the leftmost girl)
May.31, 2016
Nasuka went Kashima soccer stadium to help Wood village farm booth wearing cheerleader costume. flash photos -> Wood village farm booth mascot of Choshi city, Chopee Nasuka introduced retort-pouch tomato curry made by the farm.
Apr.30, 2016
Nico Nico Chokaigi flash report -> Kigurumi and cosplayer Takao from ARPEGGIO OF BLUE STEEL Iona cosplayer and ita-bike with soldiers of US military in Japan The event hall was very crowded with many participants.
Apr.24, 2016
Hakone cosplay festa in Hakone barrier flash report -> souvenir store near Hakone barrier Let's get on a sightseeing ship on Ashinoko lake on the ship Ayanami in Shimakaze costume on the bike with Hiei pictures.
Apr.17, 2016
Opened 2016/2/20 Akiba Daisuki! Festival report page
Apr.9, 2016
Autism Awareness Day event flash report -> The statue of the loyal dog Hachi-ko wore blue dress too! Blue Goth Loli girls Let's go on the convertible wth blue sticker! Blue kiss with Rio Orimo(Miss Japan Miss Kimono 2016) Eriko Tanimoto(runner-up in Miss Japan 2016)
Mar.21, 2016
Opened 2016/2/7 Wonder Festival 2016 winter report page
Mar.6, 2016
Opened 2016/1/23 Hakone Cosplay Festa report page
Feb.21, 2016
2016/2/20 Akiba Daisuki Matsuri(I played Shimakaze) flash report -> Kaga, Akagi, Shimakaza and Haruna They made a courtesy visit to their junior's(Japan Self-Defense Forces) booth. Haruna cosplayer KAITO joined us.
Feb.19, 2016
Opened Shokaku's photo session on the beach report page
Feb.13, 2016
2016/2/7 Wonder Festival 2016 winter flash report -> Tsukasa and Kagami on the back light Build up studio SIGMA's booth
Jan.27, 2016
2016/1/23 Hakone cosplay festa flash report -> EVA shop soba noodle shop Hatsuhana souvenir store Tanakaya Tenseien Hotel
Jan.17, 2016
Opened Meeting with Ray chan report page
Jan.4, 2016
Opened 2015/12/6 Tatebayashi Ita-sha meeting report page
Jan.2, 2016
Opened 2015/11/14 Neru & Haku's birthday party report page
Jan.1, 2016
A happy new year!! New year greeting from Shokaku

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