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visitors since Nov.24 1998

Dec.31, 2017
opened 2017/12 Meltef photo session report page
Dec.30, 2017
opened 2017/12 Nagoya port photo session report page
Dec.28, 2017
opened Shimakaze visited HOSOn near christmas report page
Dec.26, 2017
opened 2016/12/11 New cosplayers paradise in Tokyo dome city attractions report page
Dec.22, 2017
opened 2016/11/27 Choshi kuroshio yosakoi festival report page
Dec.9, 2017
Choshi lighting ceremony flash report -> Inubozaki lighthouse Choshi elecric railcar tTunnel of lights
Nov.25, 2017
Nagoya motor show flash report -> Shimakaze appeared! Samidare ita-sha! Takao appeared too! Doramborghini!
Nov.19, 2017
opened 2016/11/13 Gyoda Shinobujo historical festival report page.
Nov.18, 2017
opened 2016/10/30 Halloween town in Choshi 2016 report page.
Happy halloween from Choshi city flash report -> Lico and Tsubasa Kira We walked around near Choshi station. We went shrine too. ad-wrapped bus of anime movie
Sep.11, 2017
Thanks for your encouragement for 19 years.
Aug.27, 2017
Choshi festival 2017 flash report -> Soy sauce factory tour live DJ in the train Itasha display Chopi joined the event
Aug.9, 2017
Opened 2016/10/9 Anitama festival report page
Jul.31, 2017
Wonder Festival 2017 summer so many Shimakaze!! flash report -> with Misato's Shimakaze with Mana's Shimakaze with Kaname's Shimakaze with Yume chan's Shimakaze
Jul.17, 2017
Jul.15 Choshi Hogihogi market flash report -> snaring customers Tomato cake cooking rice cake Konoha pan (foliage bread) Datemaki (sweet omelette)
Jul.9, 2017
Opened 2016/9/18 Choshi Cos*Fes 2016 report page
Jul.1, 2017
Opened 2016/8/28 Choshi Festival 2nd day report page
Jun.4, 2017
May.14 Kashima Antlers(Japan Professional Football League) Choshi day event flash report -> Wood village farm booth Namekata city booth Niko chan from Namekata city Oh... that feels good.
May.27, 2017
May.5 Tochi-Tele Anime festa flash report -> Wood village farm booth with Luna e-tan Moe characters Tsubasa Kira from Love Live!
May.16, 2017
May.4 Choshi Chikyu-no-marukumieru-oka observation museum event flash report -> sales of items for Lico Lico signed an autograph for buyer. singing Lico on the stage Rock, paper, scissors, go!
May.15, 2017
May.3 roadside station Izu Gateway Kannami opening event with Donko chan flash report -> Donko chan and Lico infront of the symbol gate. cyclist friendly roadside station Tomato is a symbol of Restaurant KISETSU They are eating tomato gelato.
Apr.11, 2017
Opened 2016/8/27 Choshi Festival 1st day report page
Apr.9, 2017
Opened 2016/8/21 Choshi Festival promotion event at Akihabara report page.
Apr.8, 2017
Autism Awareness Day event "Warm blue day 2017" flash report-> Hachi-kou wore blue T-shirt too. Rei decorated bule car. Rei in Beetle Tokyo tower would be in blue light.
Mar.26, 2017
2017/3/25 Layers Paradise Tokyo dome city flash report -> Minaduki and Shimakaze appeared at Tokyo dome city enjoying out 1 enjoying out 2 enjoying out 3
Mar.21, 2017
Opened Promotional photo shooting for Choshi festival report page
Mar.20, 2017
Opened 2016/7/30 Tateyama umi machi Festa report page
Mar.19, 2017
Opened Wonder festival 2016 summer report page
Mar.18, 2017
Opened Itasha photo shooting at Akihabara UDX report page
Mar.12, 2017
Opened 2016/6/5 Himetama Ita-sha festival report page
Feb.24, 2017
Nasuka's maiko experience at Kyoto flash report -> Kimono rental shop Maica Kenninji temple Gion Shirakawa Yasaka koshin do temple Kyoto Ebisu shrine Kimono and photo by Maica
Jan.21, 2017
Shokaku and Shimakaze's flash report at Washinomiya shrine -> stone columns votive candle street stands octopus dumpling
Jan.3, 2017
A happy new year!!
The first update of this year is Happy Newyear and Choshi Inubozaki the first sunrise event flash report. Choshi Inubozaki is wellknown as the fast sunrise spot in japan so many people come there on Jan. 1 every tear to celebrate the fisrt sunrise of the year.
Jan. 1 the first sunrise event at Choshi Inubozaki -> 5:30 am : Lico danced her theme song Kirasse Wood village farm. 7:00 am : Happy balloon event 7:30 am : 99 persons joined musical chairs 8:00 Lico and Tsukushi's rock-paper-scissors event

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