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visitors since Nov.24 1998

Inubozaki cape at Choshi city is well known as the place we can see the fastest first sunrise of the year in japan and many people come there every year.
Lico attended the first sunrise event at Inubozaki cape on New Year's Day 2017.

Lico welcomed visitors at Inubo station. Lico appeared on the stage on 5 am!
Lico gave a cabbage as a prize to a winner of the game. People tied their wishes to the balloon. Lico danced with WHiTE BEACH on their stage show. Everyone released their balloon all together.
I hope our wishes comes true. Lico and Tsukushi saw the first sunrise of the year. They assisted 100 people's musical chairs game.
The prize for the winner was seafood from Choshi. Wood village farm sold warm soup with our vegetable. Rock, paper, scissors, go!
The winner got a cabbage from wood village farm as a prize.
And Tsukushi gave a CD of wood village farm theme song. A member of WHiTE BEACH wanted to compete against Lico in dancing.
Lico and Tsukushi went to Inubozaki lighthouse.
Lico got on a train from Inubo station.
Lico paid her first visit of the year to IInuma kannon temple.
IInuma kannon temple Lico walked around in the central of Choshi city. Choshi select market
Lico's curry was sold there. Lico was going to Choshi station. Lico got a Choshi city official PR magazine with her photo. Soy sauce, chub mackerel sushi and radish are famous local products of Choshi.
Lico was going back to Inubo station by train. Lico and children in the train Lico came back to quiet Inubo station after noon.

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