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visitors since Nov.24 1998

Choishi festival was the first large coterie music event hold at Choshi city sponsored by Wood village farm, SHIGANAI RECORDS and Choshi electric railway.
Many famous coterie music groups performed in the stage and many audience joined.

Lico and Eiki appeared at the venue of Choshi festival 1st day. All staffs of Wood village farm gathered. At the entrance of the venue
Lico and Eiki welcomed visitors. The opening ceremony started. Lico in front of Choshi festival posters
Many stands sold many kind of foods and goods. Lico helped Wood village farm's stand
Lico signed an autograph on CD of Kirasse Wood vilagge farm. Some audience played card game until starting the stage. The stage started with quim's(The leader of SHIGANAI RECORDS) opening act. Lico appeared on the stage with Miko who sang Kirasse wood village farm.
The song started!! The audience got into the spirit! Good job!! The stage continued... At last all 1st day programs finished. See you tomorrow!

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