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I joined nico nico Chokaigi 2016 as a suit acter of Takao from ARPEGGIO OF BLUE STEEL.
Also cosplayer Takao went along with kigurumi!
They had a big presence in the vennue.

Photo by HOSOn

Kigurumi Takao apeared at Makuhari! And cosplayer Takao joined in front of a big sign board. Takao was interviewed from a program of Chinese idol. Duce from GIRLS und PANZER invited Takao to lunch. GIRLS und PANZER ita-sha
Kuro-yuki-hime from Accel World Ita-bike of Iona from ARPEGGIO OF BLUE STEEL and cosplayer Iona Two Takao and Iona were surrounded by many cameras in a heartbeat. He was an owner of Iona ita-bike. The newest Maneuver Combat Vehicle of Japan Ground Self-Defense Force
Very cheery soldiers from US military in Japan Would you lift us up as a prince does for a princess? Armors used in teledrama Many weapons we found in games were displayed and we could shoot photos with them. Two Takao were on patrol.
The site was very crowded. Everyone could perform as Sachiko Kobayashi who was very famous japanese singer at this booth. Many cosplayers joined the exent. This map showed where the venue was crowded. We had hun again this year!

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