On Mar. 25 and 26 2006, I went a cosplay event taken palce at Toshimaen, an amusement park in Tokyo.
The cherry blossoms are really beautiful there.
I wore new kigurumi of Berry from the arcade game Love and Berry which is the most popular game among japanese girls.

Photos by Pad, MIX, Karin and Rokunon. special TNX^-^
This photo was taken on Mar. 25.
With Digico, Suimu and Kazumi
The following photos were taken on Mar. 26.
I remade her hair on the mask.
With Aoi
I went a game arcade in the park but there was not any Love and Berry gaming machines;_; Hold on!
She cheered for her friend playing a racing game.
I met another kigurumi girls when I left the game arcade. With Precure
merry go round round round... The cherry blossoms were at their best. in front of sake barrels walking around with Aoi
...I felt the weight of someone's eyes...
I got Pad to take our photograph with filter.
I love these photos because they looked softer than normal photos^-^
turning around (animated gif file - 520KB) in front of the flowerbed ...chain reaction
hugging Kagura^-^ ...chain reaction again There were many kigurumi girls during afternoon. with Suimu
with Natsuki with Tomoyo Many children in the park wanted autograph so I did (of course Berry's, not mine^^;). Then, they gave me these cards in return. They said "You are so cute, Berry!" many kigurumi gathered

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