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Lico was supposed to appear at Sakura Flower Festival at Sakura castle ruin with Kamuro chan. But unfortunately Kamuro chan could not appear because of rain.
So Lico watched cherry blossoms alone and went some sightseeing places in Sakura city.

Photos by gerorin and Tsubasa No.283

Sakura castle ruins park. About three tenths of the cherry blossoms were in bloom. Lico got Kamuro chan goods. There were some people who came to watch cherry blossoms.
There were some boothes selling foods and introducing Sakura city. Now I'll leave Sakura castle ruins.
old samurai residences samurai old lane
Sakura Junten-do memorial was one of the oldest occidental medical hospitals built at the end of the Edo period.
Sakura Junten-do memorial Sakura furusato park
Lico found Kamuro chan in the park.

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