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visitors since Nov.24 1998

Lico was invited an event at Choshi as a member of idol team.
Every idols appeared on their stage show and had a showdown with Yuru characters(mascots) at the event.
Lico also appeared on her stage show and attened a game with all idols and Yuru characters.

Lico appeared on the flier. Lico wore casual clothes at this time. Kamuro chan from Sakura city Ginjiro Togoshi from Togoshi ginza shopping street Go-gasha from choshi electric railway
The 14th generation ghost Hanako in the bathroom Mask-maid Chikako Kon from Choshi genki musume Yun Narumiya Bintaro Yamaguchi was famous as occult writer and the director of this event.
Lico's stage Lico gave Wood village farm chocorate to visitors. All of idol team members appeared on the stage. Yuru character team gathered in front of the stage.
They tried to push out each other with their hips. Lico on the signboard of this event.

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