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visitors since Nov.24 1998

Shimakaze attended Akiba daisuki matsuri(Akihabara favorite festival).

Akiba daisuki matsuri the Japan Self-Defense Forces
the Japan Self-Defense Forces sofmap photo spot N.E.E.T.(Not Employment Embattled Team) Masked rider Den-o Ayaka Shiraishi and Hitomi Nanase from Ouka-Ranman
Haniton from Karaoke shop Pasera Going down to Portable audio festoval THUNDERPLUGS Kyoko from JVC Shimakaze enjoyed high resolution audio.
Photo spot at Portable audio festival. Akihabara central street Seeing the street from second floor
power shovel model There were many dojin boothes. Chousei tonyu kun toy train
Matome Mayonaka from AKIBA'S TRIP Sorry. I do not know her name... Zunko Tohoku Chokobo from Final Fantasy playing with a child
with Shimakaze figure yanking up her stockings sorrounded by many cameramen!!

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