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One sunny spring day, Suiginto joined The Yokohama Parade with her kigurumi friends.
The costume parade have been going on for 60 years and over 4000 people participated.
"Yokohama Kawaii Parade" was a part of the parade and consists of cosplayers, locally idols and so on.

Photo by Dr. Ookido and Nerikeshi. thanks a lot!

Suiginto and Rina were waiting to start the parade at Yamashita park. google map At last the parade started from Yokohama marin tower. google map They were passing Kanagawa Kenmin Hall accepting many requests for photo shooting from onlookers. google map
International Silk Trade and Tourism Center. google map They were entering into Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse area. google map The brickwork standing at the background is Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse. google map
Yokohama world porters, one of the large malls located Yokohama Bay area. google map Yokohama No.2 Joint Government Office Bldg. google map Seikoen chinese restaurant owned by famous shef Tomiteru Shu. google map chinese restaurant Miga. google map Entrance of Kannai subway station. google map
Isezaki mall street. 2 chome area google map Isezaki mall street. 3 chome area google map Isezaki mall street. 4 chome area google map Suiginto struck a pose for photographer. google map At last they got to the goal of the parade. google map
"We had really fun!" They went back to the dressing room near Yamashita park by bus. Everybody's here! After the parade, three kigurumi girls went to Yamashita park. The park was very crowded with parade vieweres.
Whenever they were taken photos at picturesque place, many people asked to shoot with them. Flowerbed exbition was taken place in the park. pergola with rose This sculptures of japanese and american girl scouts were named "The friendship".
Suiginto's solo photo The dog seemed to be really interested in her. Even they were not roses, Rozen Maiden looked nice with flowers. Now it's time to be back to the dressing room. I wish I would come back here again.

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