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A very hot summer day, Suiginto visited Akihabara to have photosession with a limousine which was painted Rozen Maiden charactors on its body.

Special thanks to AKIBA Drug & Cafe, Akiba.TV, AKIBA more and Patisserie Swallowtail White Rose.

supported by Nerikeshi san, Shinku-tan san. Thanks a lot!
Suiginto got out from thelimousine. The right side of the car has a picture of Suiginto. "Which is more beautiful?" There is Shinku on the opposite side. Suigintoa and Shinku were painted on the bonnet.
"OK, Let's go." "Just start driving." Suiginto drew curious looks from passersby. waving at passersby Do you have a lactobacillus beverage?
Akihabara UDX building. It was called as shrine to Ita-sha(cars decorated by anime characters). Low angle shot The limousine took off again. bonded brick wall for railway tracks There are another five sisters on the trunk and rear window.
Getting off the limousine, Suiginto appeared at AKIBA Drug & Cafe. She wanlked into the store and... visited AKIBA more. It is a portrait painter team and AZ who draw Haku's one at Xmas Itasha Festa 2012 belongs to. Another painter named SAKI was drawing Suigito's portrait because AZ was absent. Suiginto became not to be able to keep still and began to fiddle with her hair.
It took about 10 minutes to finish the portrait. Seeing it, Suiginto was so delighted. With the poitrait. Thank you, SAKI! Next she was going to the opposite side of the street. Sweet treat inspired by Rozen Maiden was sold at K-BOOKS Akihabara new wing. There were stand pops of Rozen Maiden charactors in the shop.
"Now it's time to go back." "I'd love to stay, but I have to go..." It was a hot summer day's incident in Akihabara.

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